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Coping with Constant Change - Covid 19

We want to let you know, however you're feeling, it is okay to feel that way, even if it doesn't feel "okay."

You may be having trouble sleeping, be indulging more in comfort foods, struggling with basics like hygiene, you may find yourself withdrawing from connection or being moody - all of these reactions to increased and ongoing stressors are normal. However, they tend to be very uncomfortable to experience.

Many of us are experiencing major changes in how we live our day-to-day lives as Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. Kids are home from school, some of us are working from home, some of us aren't able to work at all, and some are having to go to work unsure how hazardous that may be for them. Our routines have been disrupted in a large way. This includes our daily routines, but also longer-term events like birthday parties or other periodic celebrations.

  • Taking time to talk about or journal about these changes can be helpful - pretending things are the same likely will only cause more stress for you and your loved ones, because they aren't.

  • Another option is to try figuring out what the new routine is. This can be tricky as we are always getting new information, but certain points like when to get up and start the day and when to go to sleep, help give an anchor and security in an insecure time.

  • Adding other things to that routine can also be helpful - making sure you get outside time (while maintaining appropriate distance from others outside of your immediate household) when the weather is good is helpful. Taking time to read something unrelated to current events, engaging in creative activities like painting or writing, and talking to friends on the phone can also be helpful.

  • If you find yourself in need of a quick activity to distract your mind and calm down try focusing on a single object and describing it in as much detail as you can. Even something simple like a chair can be described and studied in such a way that it takes time and effort, which allows your nervous system a break from constant states of panic.

We know that these suggestions aren't new or novel. But they can help. And if they help even a small amount, they are worth repeating and sharing.

One of the changes for Tranquility is that we are offering appointments via the internet - Teletherapy - through a secure online platform. We are still accepting new clients and encourage you to outreach us if you would like to schedule.

While things are different, one of the things that always remains true is that Tranquility will do their best to help those who need it, by providing holistic care as best we can. Feel free to leave us a written message via the contact page or call us at 234-466-6274 and we will get you scheduled.


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