Services focused on mind and body.
Therapy for Individuals

Find the right person to listen and help you through.

Sometimes we need to talk to a professional about the things going on in our lives. Tranquility Holistic Health has a variety of therapists available, waiting to listen, connect and work with you on whatever your current situation may be.

Therapy for Couples

Help navigating the path of your relationship.

Couples choose to seek therapy together for lots of different reasons, For example: pre-marital (or pre moving in), communication, parenting concerns, intimacy issues, and many others. Tranquility Holistic Health therapists are here to be non-judgmental, impartial helpers to see you through whatever assistance you need, together.

Therapy for Families

Working together to get through, because family matters.

Sometimes situations in our families are bigger than what we know what to do with on our own. Tranquility Holistic Health offers skilled therapists to help you sort through concerns, provide a safe place to problem solve and give each family member support to voice their point of view.

Therapy for Groups

You aren’t alone in what you’re dealing with.

Interested in working through issues with others? Tranquility Holistic Health is offering groups based on community interest. Groups can help you feel connected and allow for lots of perspectives of how to handle your situation.


Professional, skilled hands to treat your muscles right.

Tranquility Holistic Health and Wellness is excited to be able to provide our clients experienced massage therapists who can work to assist muscle pain and tightness with therapeutic touch.

Coming soon: Reiki

Reiki offers a safe space to clear your mind, rest your body, and restore your spirit.

Managing stress in busy lives can be a challenge. Tranquility Holistic Health knows this and our goal is to provide a variety of methods to help you manage your stress so you can be your best self. Reiki is given by gently laying hands on an individual to clear, straighten, and heal the energy pathways (chakras), thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. 

Coming soon: EMDR

Guided care to find the strength within.

We at Tranquility Holistic Health and Wellness know that finding the right treatment is important to improve wellbeing as quickly as possible. EMDR therapy is an evidence based treatment designed to help individuals work through traumatic events.