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Services focused on mind and body.
Emotional Work Services
Mental Health Therapy

Find the right person to listen and help you through.

Sometimes we need to talk to a professional about the things going on in our lives. Tranquility Holistic Health has a variety of therapists available, waiting to listen, connect and work with you on whatever your current situation may be.

EMDR - Now Available

Guided care to find the strength within.

We at Tranquility Holistic Health and Wellness know that finding the right treatment is important to improve wellbeing as quickly as possible. EMDR therapy is an evidence based treatment designed to help individuals work through traumatic events. 

Body Work Services

Professional, skilled hands to treat your muscles right.

Tranquility Holistic Health and Wellness is excited to be able to provide our clients experienced massage therapists who can work to assist muscle pain and tightness with therapeutic touch.

Health Coaching

Health coaches provide you with a safe, supportive space to explore your health issues and goals.


We encourage clients to focus not just on their diet and nutrition, but other areas of their life that can provide fulfillment and nourishment, such as your relationships, career satisfaction, home life, hobbies, and spiritual practices. Health Coaches empower their clients to learn what makes them feel their best, not just what we’ve been told is “healthy”. 

Herbal Remedies
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