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About Tranquility Holistic Health

We take a more integrated approach to your well-being.

You are more than just your mind or your body, which is why our service providers take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Tranquility provides individualized care, through a variety of options. From massage therapy to specialized emotional health counseling, we treat all of you, body, mind, and spirit!


Honestly, the idea of forming a wellness center that can treat the whole person is a dream that most therapists have. The founders of Tranquility were no exception. What was different was the drive and passion put into action. In 2018, earnest discussions between the founding members came together in a cohesive workable plan. The founders, based on their experiences as mental heath providers, knew how important it was to treat clients as individuals and allowing providers the freedom to truly meet clients where they are.


The process of building THHW is one that took time, as we wanted a center that had a strong foundation, in an easily accessible location (both travel and for folks with accessibility concerns in the space), the best specialized providers and an office that felt comfortable for clients and providers to do their best work.


Working in a partnership allowed the founding members the ability to tackle tasks that best fit work schedules and existing skill sets.  What we didn't know was that shortly after opening in October of 2019, we would be dealing with a pandemic in addition to being a new business. Tranquility is here to stay, but we are more flexible in our approach, offering virtual appointments and a continuously seeking additional therapists to partner with us to provide care in the Akron Ohio area. We, as always, are learning and are improving our business for our clients and contracted therapists. 


Want to contract with us?

  • Message us if you have specific questions using the form on our contact page



Certified Licensed Practitioners

  • Our practitioners are all licensed in their respective fields, in good standing with the state of Ohio.

  • Specialized care you will not find at other centers.

  • Individualized attention just for you.

Payment Information for Counseling

  • We value your privacy, so we accept payment directly for our services. Our providers can submit claims to your insurance.

  • No surprises. Self-pay charge per therapy/counseling session is $125.00. Please contact us if you have questions regarding self-pay. 

  • Insurance coverage varies based on clinician and service provided. Please check the providers page for the most up to date information regarding providers and insurance panels.

  • Due to variances in insurance coverage, we strongly encourage customers to contact their insurance company to confirm coverage status and amounts.​


  • Located off the White Pond exit on I-77, our office is an easy drive from just about anywhere in NE Ohio.

  • We happily can accommodate folks in wheelchairs, or other assistive devices in our building.


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