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Your Space Creates Your Mood

Changing your space to change how you feel. It's a real thing.

While there is a general understanding that our space does impact how we feel, it's often overlooked as a possible solution to improve our mood. We all recognize though the feelings of stress after a long day of returning home to find things in a disaster or the peace of a cleared-off table or a freshly made bed.

Talking feelings out, changing your thinking and problem behaviors absolutely have a place, but sometimes simple changes, like decreasing clutter, are easier to tackle first because they're less emotionally charged chores. Concrete tasks are less personal - generally, folks, while not necessarily enjoying washing dishes or sorting through papers, aren't triggered emotionally by those tasks. Chores can be tedious. Trying things like turning on (and turning up!) some music, setting a timer (5 minutes per task), and having someone working with you can make the time go by better and make it more pleasant.

Start small in making space changes, to not get overloaded, and to see what you actually like. Consider things like favorite colors. Try browsing Pinterest or home decor to see what style of rooms you're drawn to. If you make a change, but it's not working for you, feel free to ditch it and try something else. This is about helping you to feel better by shifting your space - so if it doesn't work for you, it's okay to move on to something different. Starting small by picking out some art pieces you love, clearing clutter, and making sure the space/setup works for what you need.

Start with the places where you spend the most time and that you have the ability to control. We don't (unfortunately) always have the ability to control 100% of where we spend our time. So starting where you do, helps to empower you.

If you're struggling to figure out where to start and need support, call us at 234-466-6274 for an appointment. We can help.

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